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Episode 01  

Sistaah Friend & her sidekick, DIVA CHICK is at a press conference; explaining how she is going global to help sistaahs all over the world, mend friendships when she encounters a skeptic at heart.... Ymene, who is a reporter from the east side.

Episode 02  

Sistaah Friend and Diva Chick have a private meeting with Ymene, who is skeptical that Sistaah Friends powers are real.

Episode 03

A NEW BOO. Sistaah Friend and Diva Chick arrive at the house of Takanesha, in hopes of helping Ymene with a troubled friendship. What Sistaah Friend doesnt know, is that Ymena has plans of her own.

Episode 04

While Sistaah Friend and Diva Chick figure out the best way to solve friendships, a couple of purse snatchers pay them a visit...

Episode 05

A woman wants to try to salvage a friendship when, however when her friend realizes that she saw an article about Sistaah Friend in the newspaper, all bets are off.

Episode 06

SISTAAH FRIEND and DIVA CHICK try to get bad press retracted from OUR WEEKLY. YMENE is on a mission to make sure her article stays in the newspaper.

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Sistaah Friend - EP 04 "Purse Snatchers"

SISTAAH FRIEND - EP 05 "She's Rocking My Style"

SISTAAH FRIEND - EP 08 "A Shero's Challenge"

SISTAAH FRIEND, EP 07 "Fostering Friendships"

SISTAAH FRIEND - EP 06 - "Retraction Reaction"

Sistaah Friend - EP 03 "A New Boo"

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