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2010 - present
Stacey McClain 
 President, Sistaah Gurlfriend Productions 

A Chicago native, Stacey McClain found early success, working for 10 years as a stand-up comedienne, performing all over the country, doing shows such as, “Showtime at the Apollo,” “Soul Train,” and opening up for acts such as “Martin Lawrence” & gracing the same stages as "Robin Harris" and “George Lopez.” Her adventures in comedy eventually led her to her true calling – writing and producing for television, film, stage, as well as the Internet. 


Although she is best known as a television writer, her ability to write across all platforms truly shows that she can effectively bring a story to life, in any medium.  Stacey’s storytelling has kept this prolific talent consistently at the top of her game.  This comic book evolved from a webseries bearing the same name.  Please subscribe to the web series as a show of support.  

The idea was born out of losing a friend to cancer.  Everyone should have amazing friendships, it is truly what makes life exciting. 


2010 - present
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